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Moto Days


Jacket and T-shirt – H&M  |  Moto Pants – Forever 21 Men  |  Shoes – Steve Madden

Think back to when you were a kid. As you’re driving or walking down the street you hear something roaring closer and closer, and then there they are, one of the coolest guys or girl you’ve ever seen! Some days you just want to be THAT cool guy. There’s easy ways to go about it without breaking the bank on some heavy duty leather…not to mention I’m in Miami, yeah no thank you.  H&M never disappoints when it comes to selection, and if it’s a moto jacket you seek for a bargain, look no further! Lightweight and lined with a pinstripe print you can’t go wrong.  Now, if you’re going to go with a biker jacket, why not finish it off with some moto inspired pants? With the massive selection of pants over at Forever 21 Men, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  Now, if I could just find my Harley…Bueller?

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