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|  Shirt – Henley Bond |  Jacket – H&M  |   Shoes – Old Navy  Pants – Top Man   |  Watch – Apple Watch

Location : Wynwood Miami

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  When I used to think about white shoes, it honestly made me a bit anxious.  They’re going to get so dirty, I don’t play tennis, they’re going to get so DIRTY.  I got past that very quickly though, once I realized how well they match with pretty much anything.  Today, I paired them with a beautiful jacket from H&M, pants from Topman, some Pocketsqua.re accessories and a very crisp white shirt from Henley Bond.  If you find your self in the market for some dress shirts, yet you’re tired of the fit with off the rack shirts, do yourself a solid and check them out! You can’t go wrong.  They’ll note everything from the kind of fit you desire, down to your collar, chest and sleeve measurements, so they can begin making your custom shirt.  They offer your choice between solid, striped or pattern, while offering a large variety of colors.  From the quality of fabric to the stiffness of the whole collar (goodbye sloppy collars) you won’t think of buying off the rack again!   Now, if any of you are wondering where these shots were taken, I went ahead and put the location above for you.  I will do my best to put locations on my posts from now on, so if any of you live down here, or plan on visiting, you can check these cool spots out! Have a creative day everyone.

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