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|  Hat – Brixton |  Floral Shirt – H&M  |   Jeans – Old Navy  Boots – Bull Boxer    |  Watch – Apple Watch

 What’s up guys? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Miami can have some rather cranky days during spring, and funny enough, the first day ended up being just that! When I saw the forecast the night before, it was somewhat bittersweet.  On one hand, I had a good excuse to keep wearing boots (not that I need one) and on the other hand, it was the first day of spring, so naturally I wanted to wear floral.  Conclusion? I do what I want…so I did both! The good ol’ Canadian tuxedo has been trending lately, and to be honest, I’m all about it.  I paired my favorite denim jacket from H&M with these Old Navy skinny cut jeans, added in a floral pop, some Bullboxer boots, and sealed the deal with this beautiful Brixton hat! I do have a fairly large hat collection, but with that being said, I also have a hard time finding hats that fit, go figure.  Most end up being way too big, and I look like the kid who dropped his ice cream cone.  However, this Brixton hat, fits like a glove.  The quality is beyond what I was expecting! It has a sturdy brim, nice texture, and the color is just a thing of beauty.  What I love most, is that it’s great for any type of weather, which ends up being the perfect hat for Miami, since it can be sunny one minute and look like a monsoon the next.  Now, if this hat is too big for your liking, they have an amazing selection to chose from with a bunch of styles and colors.  Brixton carries both men and women’s hats, and apparel as well.  So go ahead and click that link above, and order something that will bring your style to the next level, oh and I’ll take their Manhattan Fedora, size small, you’re far too kind! Have a great week everyone. 🙂

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