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Iphone 6 Plus Case – LuxBox  |  Sweatpants – Zara |  ShoesNike Lebron Lifestyles  Denim Jacket– Forever21 Men

Well then what can I say, I am a man who is not easily impressed, but when I see something unique, such as this wool LuxBox case by WTFactory.com, I quickly turn into a child who just has to have it!  With it’s sleek design, not only does it look cool, but also feels great.  It doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the phone, which is a amazing, seeing how the Iphone 6 Plus is large enough as it is.  One issue I run into with other cases, is how it well it fits in my pocket. I often have Harry Style aspirations, and tend to wear my pants a little more tailored and snug, and the case does not add to my phone’s relatively slim design, so it fits like a glove.  They also offer the case in a cool wood grain design, while the wool case comes with either a silver lining (bu dum tss?) or a black trim.  Whichever your preference, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! From the minute you open the package and see their stylish presentation, to that moment when all your friends are asking you where you got it, you’ll be telling yourself, “I wool never give up this phone case?”

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