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Sunglasses – James Dean Eyewear |   Blazer and Denim – H&M Boots – Steve Madden  Floral Shirt – Old Navy

Wow.  First I’ll say, I have always been a fan of James Dean. He was edgy, rebellious, and of course had all the ladies swooning! So when James Dean Eyewear showed up on my radar, I was stoked.  Their frames keep those timeless styles, while still implementing the modern day characteristics we all love.  When you open up the box you can expect a sleek looking case etched with Mr. Deans signature.  Now, a little fun fact about me, is that I LOVE dad jokes.  So had I actually picked these up at their store front in NY, I would have delivered this line, “Did, um, did James actually sign this? I didn’t think so”.  Oh, how I’ve watched The Hangover more than one should admit! OK, back on track, when you take these bad boys and slap them on for a test drive, you’ll enjoy the fact that they are extremely comfortable! In many cases, it’s the little things that make a big impression, so when I noticed the initials JD etched at the tip of the earpiece, I was sold.  Being someone who aside from a shoe addiction, is teetering a fine line on having one too many sunglasses, it’s good to know that there are options, without breaking the bank.  Now run and grab yourself a pair, couple them with a fun floral shirt, and say hello to Spring in style!

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