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W Fort Lauderdale

Well hello there everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  At the moment I’m currently yearning for some fresh baked cookies brought to my door, but then I remember, I’m no longer at The W Fort Lauderdale, and I don’t feel like making cookies.  As most of you know, I took over The W’s Instagram account this past weekend, to show you all their beautiful hotel through my eyes, as well as attend The Collectives “Monsters under my bed, and in my head” event, featuring local artist Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez. Their month long event launched this weekend, where over the course of 4 weeks, Rodriguez will work on a painting live while you sip and dance the night away in the ‘Living Room’.

I had such a blast, the Rodriguez monster theme was carried out in a fun yet chic way, fully equipped with an oversized bed with spooky green eyes peeking from underneath, and dancers dressed in graphic tees featuring Rodriguez’s work by All City Art Wear. If you ever find yourself in Wynwood, down here in Miami, make sure to check out some of his murals, they’re definitely some of my favorite.

As for my stay, I can honestly tell you that this was the BEST hotel experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels.  From beginning to end, everything was nothing less than perfect.  The hotel is designed to resemble that of the ocean, with the pool deck and lobby representing the surface all the way down to the dark abyss, which is where the delicious Steak 954 is located and their giant jelly fish tank!  The hotel’s clean and elegant design and architecture are simply stunning, which made for some easy photos.

The staff was flat out wonderful.  Anything you needed, or as their slogan went “Whatever, whenever” was not just what they said, it’s what they meant.  Now of course, if you wanted them to kindly ask Jnco jeans to please drop the idea of making a comeback (dating myself with that one) it probably won’t happen, but if you want Ben and Jerry’s fish food brought to you at 3am, you got it! Ok, seriously though, can Jnco’s not come back?  I don’t plan on smuggling anything in my pant legs anytime soon. Once, you make your way to the fifth floor (above the surface of the ocean), you find yourself surrounded by water on the pool deck, where you found me lounging around, drink in hand, in Cabana 16. Which was complete with comfy benches, a fan, a TV and amazing service. The room I stayed in, the Mega Ocean View Room, was the perfect size, the view from the balcony was breathtaking, and the oversized tub was so relaxing!  It was a weekend filled with much needed rest and relaxation, they really spoiled me, and they can do the same for you.  Book your stay with the link above!

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