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2016 Rio Olympics

Ever since I was a kid, I was always fascinated by the summer Olympics.  Granted, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it only came around every 4 years, but needless to say when the time did come, I was glued to the television.  From the sprinting events all the way to gymnastics, the amount of athleticism in one location was just astonishing.  I dreamed of one day participating, but over the years I realized something about myself…I hate running, and there’s no way I’m tumbling around the gymnastics floor at 6’4. Fun fact though, in high school, I was a Pole Vaulter.  Yes, that guy that runs toward a mat with a huge pole propelling himself into the air to get over another pole, that was me, and I loved it. Hardwick-0040Hardwick-0048Hardwick-0042This year the 2016 Summer Games will be in Rio, Brazil and Hardwick Clothes was chosen to provide in-studio apparel for it’s production of the games! Hardwick is located in Cleveland, Tennessee and they’ve been producing their clothes domestically for over 135 years.  The jacket I’m wearing is their grey and red plaid tailored sport coat, and I can’t begin to describe how light, comfortable, and perfect for summer wear. Which is great because this summer has proven to be one for the books.Hardwick-0037Hardwick-0004Hardwick-0043Hardwick-0031

Everything is made here in the USA using high quality Italian fabric making it a polished and elegant addition to my wardrobe that can also provide versatility.  I styled it with one of my favorite hats to accentuate the red in the jacket, while wearing some crisp white pants, and red woven shoes, which are perfect for achieving that summer vibe.  Remember, sport coats are a bit different than your typical suit jacket or blazer.  They tend to be longer, and a little more relaxed when it comes to the tailoring.  As always, I’ve linked you below, and make sure you tune in to the Summer Games starting August 5th.

Sport Coat  –  Hardwick Clothes

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