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Jacket  –  H&M  |  Pants – H&M |   Shirt – Henley Bond  Hat – ZaraMan   |  Pocketsquare – Pocketsqua.re

Hey there everyone! I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Independence day, and I hope the rest of you are doing great.  Today I wanted to talk a little bit about summer suiting.  A lot of guys think it’s crazy to wear a suit during the summer, especially down here in Miami, where our next door neighbor is the sun, but it can be done.  What I did today, was pair one of my favorite blazers with some light chinos, an open collar shirt – ditch the tie on those hotter days, a pair of double monks, and then finished it off with my new hat from Zara Man.  Wearing a hat with a suit might be by far one of my favorite accessories to add to a suit, especially in the summer.  You’re blocking out the sun, and adding a whole other dimension to your look.  Another great summer accessory would be a light colored pocket square, so what better than this solid pink one from Pocketsqua.re? I mean, real men wear pink right? Nope, real men wear whatever they want! So don’t be afraid to mix it up to fit your style.  When picking a hat for summer, there’s 2 things you want to keep in mind.  The material, and the weight.  You don’t want to be walking around with some wool on your head, so get something breathable like this straw hat from Zara, and you have your perfect summer suit.

Starting next week there may be 1 or 2 days downtime (I am moving servers, to make sure I keep everything as fast as possible for you guys) but I will continue to post on Instagram so you don’t miss me too much! =) Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week.

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