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Summer is coming to an end, vacations are turning into business trips, yet my love for pizza remains the same.  Welcome to the real world, where carrying bulky luggage just isn’t suitable for business trips.  When traveling for work, I like to keep it simple.  I bring the clothes I need, but my main focus is actually on my daily essentials.



Most of you might not know this, but I take my own pictures.  Camera, tripod, remote, and a lot of back and forth because my eyes are closed are a big part of my day.  So my focus when I’m either packing for a trip, or packing up my bag just for the day, is efficiency, in the most stylish form I can find.  Now for the juicy details:  my favorite companion is my SWISSGEAR Scansmart TSA laptop backpack, because it holds everything I need to function throughout the day.


*Inhales deeply*

So it holds my camera bag, lenses, tripod, Ipad, laptop, sunglasses, pizza…okay that last one is a bit much, but it is possible.  Plus, I can keep all of the aforementioned safe and sound with a valuable add on; their TSA key locks which are light and discreet.


The design is also second to none, and extremely durable. If there’s one thing I never thought I’d care too much about in a backpack, the shoulder straps would be it, but boy oh boy are these comfortable! They’re padded with a breathable mesh fabric and an additional sternum strap which is everything I never knew I needed.  Another breath of fresh air, is having two fleece lined pockets for your cell phone, and sunglasses.  Seriously, I feel like the male version of Mary Poppins!  Does someone have an umbrella?  You know I do.


I can’t stress enough on how important my daily essentials are to me and my unpredictable schedule, and SWISSGEAR definitely has my covered when it comes to getting back into the swing of things. Summer or not, the grind never ends, which is why I go to them to provide me with my mobile office.


SWISSGEAR 6752 ScanSmart TSA Laptop Backpack

*Post sponsored by SWISSGEAR

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