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“Fall” in Miami

Happy Monday everyone…better yet Happy Fall!!  I know, I know, I live in Miami and we don’t have seasons here.  A. Don’t rub it in and B. Let me have my fun! However, just because there are no “seasons”, I can still do my part when it comes to what I wear.  For example, I usually tend to put any floral patterns to rest for a bit.  Granted, I do what I want, and that’s my signature, but it’s nice to adhere to trends from time to time.  Of course, that’s not to say I won’t go rogue and create my own trend though.  So far, the on trend colors this fall are a very VERY soft pink, and olive.

Which is why I went with neither for my first “fall” post- insert crying laughing emoji.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely infatuated with both of those colors, quite possibly together in the right scenario, but my name is Erik, I like pizza, and again I DO WHAT I WANT.  I decided to go with one of my all time favorite colors, purple, or maybe it’s maroon… plum? You can decide while I continue on. This jacket could easily be one of my new favorites.  From the fit, to the color, I never want to take it off.  It’s lightweight, and extremely comfortable as well.  You’ve probably noticed that this jacket is similar to some of my recent posts of a camel jacket, they’re both the same…you’re not going crazy, so don’t worry.  I went ahead and paired it with some H&M distressed biker jeans, an Express Men baseball tee, and finished it off with some velvet Chelseas from H&M.

SIMPLE!  Yet, it gets the point across. It oozes badassery… (my new favorite word that I probably just created).  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, so excuse me while I go outside and play in the… palm fronds? Ugh, It’s just not the same.

Does anyone have a pile of leaves I could jump in??forever21jacket-0208forever21jacket-0200forever21jacket-0222forever21jacket-0217forever21jacket-0176

Jacket – Forever 21 Men  /  Jeans – H&M  /  Baseball Tee – Express Men  /  Sunglasses – Asos Men

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