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So rather than showing you an outfit today, I decided I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall watches, but before I do that, can I just express my love for fall for two seconds? I mean between all the colorful fall leaves (which I bought, because you know…Miami) and pumpkin EVERYTHING, I can never get enough of this season.  There’s just a certain nostalgia during this time of year that’s just indescribable.  With that said, WATCHES!  When I went down this career path, not once did I think that one of my strong points would be watches, but here we are, getting ready to rent an apartment just for them, and the funniest part is… that you think I’m kidding.  This time of year, I love to play with rich autumnal colors, and of course maybe one or two statement ones just in case. From the various shots you’ll find four Fossil timepieces, two of which are automatic, and the other two are smartwatches.  One automatic by James McCabe, and last but not least a gold quartz movement Armani Exchange watch.  Regardless of your preference, each watch is well made and beautiful in their own rights, it all boils down to your personal taste.  One thing I can say though is how impressed I am with Fossil’s Hybrid Q Nate, which offers the best of both worlds.  It looks like a regular analog however syncs to your phone via Bluetooth, and allows you to receive text alerts, count steps, and control music to name a few features!  So, whether you’re looking for yourself, or possibly a gift for the holidays, these are definitely my go to’s.  Have a great day guys, and if you want to send some pizza over my way, feel free! =)


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