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Baby it’s cold outside


Puffer jacket   |   Flannel

Since I’ve been back in NYC the weather has been all over the place. When I first arrived, it was in the 20’s for a few days, and now it seems like we’re idling between the 40’s and 50’s lately. Everyone’s been asking me the same question though, “are you over the cold yet?” My answer? Not even close! I’m loving every minute of it! All the way down to the fact that when I walk out my front door I’m not in an instant swamp. Despite the drastic change in weather between NYC and Miami, I still managed to come prepared. Thankfully, I have this Grayson down hooded Slate and Stone puffer to get me through the colder days, paired with their red checked flannel. Filled with  down, this is definitely one of the warmest jackets I’ve owned. What amazes me, is how light the jacket actually is! One of my favorite features is the removable draw string hoodie for those days you want to pair it with something a bit more refined.  So stay warm out there friends…well at least everyone out there except my hometown Miami, you guys can keep the heat, for now.

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