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NYC : A home away from home

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Sorry for the hiatus everyone! Things have been quite crazy lately with everything going on. As most of you know, I recently moved back to NYC. One thing that’s been on my mind a lot, is how much the aesthetic of my work will change significantly, in a good way! No more boring white, peach, or pale pink walls to choose from. Quick side note, everyone that LOVES Miami and asks “why would I leave such a beautiful place”, has honestly probably never been outside of South Beach. Yes, Wynwood is cool, but it gets old quick (just like that snack that you eat every day till you don’t even want to see it anymore). I’m in no way bashing Miami, just kind of expressing how it’s not what it seems in pictures, and it’s actually quite suburban, which isn’t my style. I’ve always been infatuated with city life, and for me NYC fits the bill perfectly. There’s just a world of imagination and energy that I feel here, that I’m hoping I can bring to life in my work. Its a feeling for me that I hope everyone can feel where they live! So here’s to a new adventure with all of you, and thank you for always having my back. You guys rock!

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