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Fun fact: I used to hate sandals. I know what you may be thinking “but you’re from Miami Fl, you were pretty much born with them.” To be honest, I’m not really sure what it was I didn’t like. Maybe it was those awful “thong” sandals that make me feel like my toes are being tortured, or maybe it was the fact that I saw too many tourists wearing those tribal 2 strap sandals with white socks (you know which ones I’m talking about). Yet here I am…in all my glory, wearing chancletas. These aren’t just any sandals though, they’re part of Dr. Martens spring line, and I plan on living in them the rest of the season and beyond. They come in 1 of 4 colors. Black, charro (dark brown), white, and oak, which I’m sporting in the pictures shown. They are quite honestly some of the most comfortable sandals I’ve come across while still feeling very sturdy with that classic Dr. Martens sole. Since spring in NYC can be unpredictable at times, I decided to pair them with some easy spring pieces and top it off with one of my go to biker jackets, for a fun little twist. So whether you’re looking to kill the urban runway, planning a beach getaway, hell, even if you’re looking to upgrade your tribal two strap sandals, these bad boys are something you’re going to want to look into. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Stay cool friends! ¬†Tap that link below to be taken straight to these bad boys.

Gryphon Analine
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