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What do you know about the classics?!

Dr. Martens AKA Docs, have been around since 1960…1960!! If I could capitalize numbers I would!  The simple fact that they’ve remained an iconic shoe/boot for well over 55 years is definitely something to be proud of.  I can remember my high school days where you had the cool kids, then you had the kids that were on another level with their Docs, especially the ones rocking the cherry red (wink, wink).

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “but you just graduated no more than 5 years ago” of course you remember. To which I’d say, “bless your heart, I wish i could even say its been 10 years”, but now I’m getting off topic, and you know too much!  So, back to the boot at hand (see what I did there) the famous 1460 were originally worn by local blue collar workers, but eventually became an essential for big fashion statements.

In a school full of fish that want to continue on the “safe” route, standing out and being different are two things I pride myself on and my cherry red 1460’s help me do just that.  I honestly can’t describe the feeling I have when I wear them because it’s more than just a boot.  They’re classic, they’re bold, and damn, they look good!  Naturally, I paired them with some distressed black denim, so they could show you what they’re working with, as well as keeping everything up top classic and edgy with a denim jacket and a bandana. We don’t even need to mention the hair…am I right?! UP TOP (gives self high five).  All lame jokes aside, Dr. Martens are by far one of my favorite brands, with they’re classic 1460’s being one of my go to’s several times a week.

So be bold, be different, and do it in style with a  Dr. Martens, I promise you, they’ll never steer you wrong!

Get your pair of 1460’s below

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