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“There’s been a SHIFT. He woke up knowing change was imminent. His image doesn’t define him, yet he felt shackled down by the fear of change. He grew tired of the monotony and ultimately decided to do what’s best in order to grow and break free, and through the steam and shadows he emerges, rejuvenated and unrestricted…” Snip snip and it was all gone. I needed something different in my life. It had been 3 years since I last cut my hair. It slowly started to feel like it was the only thing that made me who I was and decided it was time to go. I’m looking through various charities in order to donate my hair for a good cause. I’ve heard too many rumors about a certain organization selling hair so I won’t be going with them…But if you know of a great one please let me know and I’ll check them out! Much love everyone 🤘🏻

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